Monday, December 14, 2015

Sketch covers up for bids!

I put a couple new sketch covers up for bids on Ebay - a new Star Wars one of my favorite character Boba Fett and a Batgirl one featuring my favorite comic villain The Joker. For people not in the know, you can do a search on Ebay for "blank comic sketch cover" and some issues are released with blank white covers (except for info) to draw on. When I first started doing these I treated like the sketch cards I do/did for Topps.....just on a larger scale. By that I mean inking and coloring with markers. But the other day it dawned on me to try painting one for a change. In the past I had thought about doing that but figured the surface might not hold up well to wet media i.e. it would buckle, warp, disintegrate, explode, etc. But I finally said what the hell, grabbed one of the less popular Batgirl blanks I had and just went for it...I'm really glad I did because it freed me up immensely. Usually when I do these comics in marker it would take me a couple days to do. The process would go : sketch out ideas in my sketchbook and keep revising till I had something pretty solid, make sure it was the right size in Photoshop, print out, lightbox to the cover, and then ink my main lines using Flair pens. Then I would go to Staples and make several copies of the cover and line art to practice some color schemes with my Prismacolors. The problem with using markers, and maybe this is just my limitations, but you can obviously only use the colors you have. I learned a little working on sketch cards for Topps about layering different marker colors on top of each other to create new ones / shades of other colors. But painting frees me up because I can pretty much just mix any color I need....and if something doesn't look right, I can paint over it, or tint it to push it more towards what I need. Plus it just looks less flat to me and has more energy. A few months back I went a little crazy buying blanks online so be on the look out for more to come including more Star Wars, Princess Leia, Batgirl, Batman '66, G.I. Joe, The Muppets, and more. P.S. If anybody wants a commission of any of these subjects and wants it on a sketch cover let me know. Anyway here's a link to my auctions..... Auctions

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