Monday, August 31, 2009

A couple great podcasts for freelance illustrators

One of the many aspects that I don't think I hear enough about freelance illustrators is the effort that it takes and the social deprivation that goes hand in hand with pursuing the profession. Anyway, while searching for podcasts on iTunes I came across a couple great podcasts focused on being an illustrator - Big Illustration Party Time and Escape from Illustration Island. Both are very informative and both - specifically Escape from Illustration Island - focus on the psychological aspect of being a freelance illustrator.

Lately I've kind of hit a block and listening to both these podcasts have really helped me get my focus back and remind me why I pursued this line of work in the first go check 'em out whether you're an illustrator or want to understand what goes on in the mind of one.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Rest is Up To You : A Boy Named Cohen Morano

Be sure and grab a copy of The Rest is Up to You featuring collaborations with Cohen Morano. I had a great time working on my collaboration with Cohen. One of those rare times where I was reminded what it was like when I was kid with my trusty stack of paper and pens and NO RESTRICTIONS.

"Like many kids, first-grader Cohen Morano likes to watercolor. What's different about his paintings is that his father, Aye Jay, sends them out into the world to be added to and altered by a stellar roster of lowbrow artists, children's illustrators, and street and graffiti artists. The resulting collaborations between Cohen and everyone from Gary Baseman to Shepard Fairey to Paul Frank form a stunning and playful body of work, with a focus on the creativity of childhood."


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

ROM Painting

Just got a new FLIP camera and turned it on for a second while I worked on my piece for an upcoming Bill Mantlo tribute show....more clips to come of various projects....