Sunday, April 25, 2010


Well, growing up I was somewhat of a gamebook nerd (which has morphed into videogame nerd as I've gotten older) and one of my favorite series of all time was Be an Interplanetary Spy. The first one I got was book 4 - Space Olympics (which a friend tracked down for me) and it's been kind of cool to look online and find the different covers that I used to just stare at for hours and have some memories come rushing back.

Be an Interplanetary Spy

Time flies.....

Man, I was just looking and the last post I made was from over a month ago and it wasn't even about my own work. I'm such a slacker. Anyway, I've been in commercial job land doing stuff I can't really post, but still working on projects here and there....just finished up another Giant Peach ad that will be running in the June issue of Juxtapoz. I've been on this greek and mythological god kick for the last couple years and we figured out a way to make it bleed into my GP work....with this piece, over the past two and a half years I've done 11 ads for The Giant Peach and have really enjoyed working with them. Here's a link to all the ads if you want to check 'em out...

The Giant Peach ads

Also go on over to The Giant Peach and check out their wares

The Giant Peach

I found a PERFECT Canson sketchbook the other day (the people at Michael's have to think I'm insane watching me check to make sure there arent any bent pages) and hope to fill it up, although I do have to admit I've kind of been eyeing the iPad and the gears in my head have been grinding, thinking of ways I could use one to assist in my work (for one as a digital sketchbook using the SketchbookPro app) I'm debating whether to just give in or wait until the 2nd generation iPad comes out......