Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Check out some of the designs I did for Mr. Angry Inc., a new clothing company from the mind of Michael Musto aka Mr. Angry.

Mr. Angry Inc.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Open Range art show

This weekend at C2 gallery in downtown Dayton

C2 Gallery

Originals for sale

Put up some originals in the classifieds.....

linkee link

Friday, July 11, 2008

I Want Your Skull issue #5

Unfortunately I slacked and didn't send in a piece for consideration and once I saw the cover to the new issue that feeling of F#$!!!K quickly set in......Brian Ewing is the shit.....

Want Your Skull #5: 56 pages. Full color cover with artwork by Brian Ewing. Offset printed on gloss stock. Limited to 500 numbered copies. Interviews with Brian Ewing, Rob Schwager. and Matthew Amey. Featuring artwork from 37 of today’s best artists: ALAN R CLOSE, JERAL TIDWELL, BRIAN MORRIS, DIGITALINK, OMAR SWAREZ, DANIEL ALBRIGO, MATT TAYLOR, TODD "LUCKY" LAMBRIGHT, SHAWN HEBRANK, MAGNUS BLOMSTER, PROJECT DETONATE, FRANCZ VARGA, JEFF FINLEY, KEVIN MCNUTT, SEAN KELLY, RM HANSON, ARKKIVE 440, AARON WOLF, STACY MARSHALL, ANGRYBLUE, JOHN WARREN, KONNIK, DREW MILLWARD, MARALD, PORKCHOP, JON MDC, RYAN AUGUST, ARTILLERY, MICHAEL HEINZ-FISCHER, MIGUEL CERVANTES, KAREN O'BRYAN, BARON VON SLEGEL, JASON TAMVAKIS, DAN BOLTON, DAVID CURBIS, PAZYRYK, and JANUSZ KOZAK. This issue also includes (2) 7 x 7, screen-prints on quality French cardstock. A 2 color pin-stripe piece by Rob Schwager and a 1 color reveal print by The Half and Half. A full color postcard with artwork by Justin "Anville" Anderson is also included. The whole thing comes wrapped in a re-sealable poly bag and packaged in a screen-printed envelope designed and printed by the Half and Half.


Anyway, go pick it up.....(and if you haven't got issue 4, grab that one too)...

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hellboy art show

I was a contributing artist for "Let them eat Pancakes!" a Hellboy inspired art show at Uberbot, which is located in Orlando....
Here's a list of some of the artists who also created pieces for the show....

Ryan Boyle -
Dennis Brown -
Joel Carroll -
Jeff Dekal -
Deseo -
Dres13 -
Brandon Dunlap -
Jared Fiorino -
Helena Garcia -
HorseBites -
Hugo Giraud -
Jason Goad -
Josh Howard -
Erik Jones -
Lefty Joe -
Jason Levesque -
Sho Murase -
Ryan Myers -
Tansy Myer -
Phil Noto -
Johannah O'donnell -
Brett Parson -
Joe Pekar -
Pooka Machine -
Jason Rudolphpena -
Julius Santiago -
Terribly Odd -
Thomas Williams -
Annie Wu -
Alexis Ziritt -