Monday, September 29, 2008

Custom B.U.D show in Buffalo, NY at Hero Design - Oct. 24th

I'm proud to be part of a custom B.U.D show being put on by Jamungo and the fine folks at Hero Design in Buffalo, New York. If you're in the area be sure and go check it out.....

Saturday, September 27, 2008

I Want Your Skull issue #6

On sale right now with an awesome cover from James "Gunsho" Quigley and skull themed art from over 60 different artists....

"I Want Your Skull #6 - Our ALL ART Issue!! Featuring 60+ of today's best artists: James "Gunsho" Quigley, Matt Lukesh, Lythron, Adam Turman, Shawn Hebrank, Justin "Angryblue" Kamerer, Nathan Santistevan, Stephen Kasner, David V. D'Andrea, Bobby Dixon, Kory "Skummie" Schuerman, Brian Ewing, Christopher Lands, Uncle Allan, Johnny "Thief" Di Donna, Tom Denney, Mike "Maximum Fluoride" Fisher, Von Dada, Adam Swinbourne, Kristof Tarisznyas, Brooke Kent, Eos, Mr. Kellett, Horrorwood, Luke Drozd, Tanya Pshenychny, Steve "Pheck" Ritsua, Gil Wadsworth, Jared Connor, Dan Springer, Adam Saul, Mike Sutfin, Jason Goad, Nate Van Dyke, Ryan August, Shannon Purvis, Miss Pinny, Von R. Glitschka, Hydro 74, Marald, Cassandra Warren, Michael Heinz-Fischer, Jason Tamvakis, Jeral Tidwell, Godmachine, Brian Butler, Mike Rheault, Tony Streeter, Chloe Woodgate, Johnny Crap, Jason Cooper, Kenn Two Four, Pete Cardoso, Tenebrini, Digitalink, Murdoch Stafford, David Witt, Joshua Norton, Drew Millward, Steven Cerio, Human Furnace, Stephen Haynes and Casey Burns."

Click here to purchase

Friday, September 19, 2008


Through my adventures as a freelance illustrator I've become friends with some really talented people who's work I am just in total awe such person is Van Beater of Jamungo fame.....check out his website for Crappy Cat...hilarity will ensue.....

Crappy Cat!!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Day of the Dead art show - Nov. 1st

Heart of it All show at C2 Gallery

Killers posters available

Just added to the Gigposters here to purchase.......Hope everybody is doing good, been kind of taking it easy lately, but still working on a few things, pieces for several group shows, clothing designs, and preparing for a show this November, so stay tuned for updates soon.....