Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Eat Your Art Out Poster process pics

This is an old piece, but still one of my favorites and that says something because I pretty much hate everything I do. In 2011 I was contacted by Jane Dope of The Angel City Rollergirls to create a poster for their yearly Eat Your Art Out charity event. A few years earlier I had contacted them offering to work on a design for a t-shirt - kind of a balance for years of Hell City stuff I guess. But my shirt design ended up being adapted into their new logo.
I also worked on a couple bout posters for them including one inspired by one of my favorite movies, Boogie Nights:
But back to Eat Your Art Out, here's some process pics of the poster I created for them, I had a pretty good idea from the sketch where it was going, so any changes were mostly just small tweaks to the lettering.....if I remember right, there was a venue change at some point....

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