Thursday, February 2, 2017

Playing catch up

Haven't posted for awhile and thought I'd do a little catch up...mostly I've been working on commissions that I can't show yet but will very soon.... Did a poster for a Carcass / Deafheaven show awhile back...
Also Artfest went well...met a lot of great people and it was great practice for merchandising my art. I always have this pressure to keep moving onto the next thing, when I should be looking at some of the work I do and figure out ways to make money on it even after its finished. So for Artfest, in addition to having original for sale, I also had matted prints and button packs. Also got a little help from my dad constructing a temporary wall for the booth that I shared with Matt Freeman of Freeman Design Co. Next year the plan is to do a 4FRNT reunion booth with Mike Guidone and Jeff Richards.
I haven't always been a political person but around 2003 that fuse was lit in me and the recent election has lit it again so I've been working on various Trump pieces. Safe to say Im not a huge fan. LOTS more to come.

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