Sunday, August 30, 2009

Rest is Up To You : A Boy Named Cohen Morano

Be sure and grab a copy of The Rest is Up to You featuring collaborations with Cohen Morano. I had a great time working on my collaboration with Cohen. One of those rare times where I was reminded what it was like when I was kid with my trusty stack of paper and pens and NO RESTRICTIONS.

"Like many kids, first-grader Cohen Morano likes to watercolor. What's different about his paintings is that his father, Aye Jay, sends them out into the world to be added to and altered by a stellar roster of lowbrow artists, children's illustrators, and street and graffiti artists. The resulting collaborations between Cohen and everyone from Gary Baseman to Shepard Fairey to Paul Frank form a stunning and playful body of work, with a focus on the creativity of childhood."


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