Saturday, May 16, 2009

It's not yet determined how many posters I'm doing, but No Doubt just announced me as one of many artists working on posters for each show....stay tuned....

"In addition to the new line of No Doubt clothing items and accessories available at the merch booths on the upcoming tour, each show will also feature a limited edition commemorative poster of the tour date. So far three artists are contributing to the series with more to be added soon. The confirmed artists are...

2 Fowlers

Jason Goad

Us and Them Studio"

Here's my contributions...definitely a bit different then what people are used to seeing from me.

Both are A Clockwork Orange inspired with the first one based off Alex's bedspread and the second one the use of Moog synthesizers on the movie's soundtrack.

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Estefani Medeiros said...

Very cool! I post the job in my blog too ;)