Saturday, May 17, 2008

Offspring album art

Be sure and pick up the new release from The Offspring when it drops a month from now on June 17th......I provided illustrations for the front and back cover as well as booklet illustrations. Also new Offspring merch is available featuring some of my work.. their new single Hammerhead is available through iTunes or as a free download on their website....

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Here's the Hammerhead video by the creative minds at Teqtonik

Also C2 Gallery has a new permanent space in the Oregon district where we will be showing work by myself, Germ?, Mike Guidone, Jeffie and various artists during the monthly Urban Nights happenings.....last night was our first time participating and I was blown away by the turnout...nice to see love of art alive and well in Dayton.....anyway more information to come...check out Playthink who graciously asked us to participate...Also, C2 Open Space at front street is going to be having a robot themed art show on the 31st of May....again, more details to come...should be a fun 'un.

Oh and Happy 37th Birthday to my brother Todd!!!!

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