Saturday, December 8, 2007


Oh and not really art related, but I guess I could just say it's research for my War paintings for the Four Horsemen, but I finally broke down and got an XBOX 360. I was holding onto the Playstation 2 as long as I could, but knew it was time to step it up. I agonized for weeks as to whether I should get a Playstation 3 or an XBOX. I'm real loyal to my game systems having started out with a Sega Master System, when I was like 12 and then moving onto a Sega Genesis and then in 96 pledging my life to a Playstation when it was still like $299. Anyway, I love the 360, the graphics are incredible, and I've been having a bunch of fun playing Call of Duty 4 online...I used to play SOCOM a lot on the PS2 and compared to COD4, it's like Metal Gear on the if you wanna trade some bullets, my gamertag is vincentvangoad

Even when I'm not playing I can hear the sound of grenades rolling on the ground. Weird.

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