Tuesday, November 6, 2007


So I cursed myself the other day by relishing the fact that I hadn't been sick in awhile and sure enough the next day started feeling that scratchiness in my throat that signals an impending cold. And then to make it worse on saturday, I agitated an old back injury from my furniture warehouse days. Needless to say the past couple days have sucked a big one and the fact that I've gone off caffeine (again) has magnified it like ten times, but I look forward to that feeling when you get over the cold and caffeine withdrawel hump.....let's see, a couple things. If you're in the UK area or can wait a week or so for it to be on US stands, I participated in an article in the new issue of Photoshop Creative showcasing different types of poster artists.

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Also here's my contribution to the 2008 Gigposters.com pin-up calendar..it went through a ton of really crazy incarnations, but in the end I decided to do something a little classical. I'll have more details as soon as they are available. All sales are going to benefit Ggiposters.com, a website that I owe a lot of thanks and gratitude to , not only for hooking me up with some really great jobs, but for introducing me to a lot of cool people.

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Also the Star Wars tribute show was great..incredible turnout and some really cool costumes...I thought I was going to fall down when I saw a girl dressed as Nein Numb...props to C2 Gallery, Jeffie, Germ?, and Mike Guidone of Monkey Bones for getting it all together.....the four of us have some really cool projects in the works so be sure and stay tuned....

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