Wednesday, September 26, 2007

new painting

Just wrapping up.....this particuar painting is the second version of a commission I took on quite awhile ago.....I still consider myself as learning to paint and trying to develop a process. When I was in college, I took painting twice and both times were miserable experiences, because I went in there with no knowledge whatsoever about painting, and I also happened to get stuck with two of the craziest painting teachers that CCAD had to offer - like I'm talking acid flashback crazy. So my sophmore year I closed up my oil paints and they haven't moved from the same spot in my mom's garage. So a few years ago, I started feeling this urge to begin painting again as a balance to the commercial work I was doing and found it to be very relaxing and very evocative of what it felt like as a kid, to just kind of play and experiment, without art directors telling you to change that or urgently e-mailng that a deadline had been moved up. Anyways I think I'm finally onto a process for painting that feels natural and comfortable,hope to be implimenting it in some upcoming pieces, and look forward to seeing those small incremental improvements that come along with practice.....

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