Monday, July 2, 2007

Flatstock Chicago, Royal Flush, new site, and more

I've been shitty lately as far as updating this thing, but some things of note lately -

- I'll be attending Flatstock13/Pitchfork Festival this year and sharing a booth with my fellow Daytonites, F'nHarsh Design. Last year was a blast despite the upper 90 degree heat, and the lineup for this years Pitchfork Festival is gonna rule. My friend Julie has already informed me that she has two bottles of Jameson's on the ready and considering I have no tolerance whatsoever, I'm sure some hilarity will ensue.

- The new issue of Royal Flush has finally arrived! I just received my complimentary artist copies today and it is quite a sight to behold. Be sure and pick up your copy through the Gigposters classifieds or through the official site.

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Shot at 2007-07-02

" Royal Flush is a NYC-based underground Music & Arts Magazine. Founded in 2001, Royal Flush regularly features the finest artists in underground comics, the talents of many top writers, photographers, illustrators and interviews with bands both legendary and obscure. You can't lose with a Royal Flush! For fans of Mad Magazine, Spin, Juxtapoz and Creem.
Royal Flush Magazine is available all over this great country and even in some remote parts outside U.S. borders. Look for us in Borders Books, Barnes & Noble's, Tower Records, Virgin Megastores, Newbury Comics, and many other independent record and comic shops.
We've featured hundreds of pages of underground comics, music, film & DVD, and games reviews, politics, fashion, art and youth/street graphitti culture."

Also, over the next couple weeks I'm going to work on a redesign for my's served it's purpose over the past year, but I think I need to make it more focused and streamlined...sometimes, more isn't necessarily better I guess is what I'm saying. So be on the look out.

And finally here's a logo I just finished up for my friend Jason Vorhese. It's a little bit looser style them I'm used to, but after a couple tight pieces that really tested my patience, it was nice to have a little on the old docket - a new car for Mattel, gigposters for Jucifer, The Black Crowes, and Aerosmith, and some movie monster paintings for a show in July....stay tuned

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Shot at 2007-07-02

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