Friday, January 12, 2007

Busy week....

Well I managed to get quite a bit done this week...I think taking December easy helped me recharge a little, plus a new sketchbook and mechanical pencil has got me inspired - it's the little things I guess......anyway, first I had to get this illustration squared away for an upcoming Incubus poster...I started off first drawing the entire illustration and then simply used the lettering to censor went through a bunch of different color incarnations, but in the end I settled on purple to kind of get across the creepiness of the image (sidenote: that dark purple registered as PMS 666) for the image minus lettering, I'm debating whether to make an art print out of it.....Next I gave some lovin' to my sketchbook and worked on a piece for an upcoming show....and last but not least I worked on a collaborative piece with fellow GP'er Aye Jay's 5 year old son Cohen. Basically Cohen does a quick background painting and then passes it off to different artists to add on to...of all the things I've worked on lately, I would have to say this was the thing I enjoyed the most....just drawing for the fun of it....
Here's a link to some of his previous collaborations....look forward to getting his take on my drawing.....

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Cohen's part
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Final piece
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Update: Already got some feedback from the Great Collaborator

"i love it because it's a space monster, and theres only one more thing...thank you."

Tomorrow, hopefully I can post pictures of my Googar Munny if I manage to get it clear coated...depends on the weather, which I have a feeling is going to be SHITTAY.

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